Who We Are ?

Our FieldsBalla Group has established by several of professional business experts and highly qualified engineers; Balla has grown over the years, into a major conglomerate with entities in different industry sectors. All of these companies work together for the rebuilding, restructuring and betterment of Iraq based in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq.

BALLA is an all-round contracting company providing solution for a variety projects are capable of delivering international standard service to all level of consumers, home, business and government Sector. Balla handles projects of all sizes, either on its own or by forming project groups with selecting associates.

Mission: Our mission is to provide a high quality, cost effective and to modernize customer’s life by offer the new design, modern construction, and development services and import high quality material.

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Visions: Our vision is to reach maximum in offer the high quality Service and Solution to consumers. Reconstruct Iraq country in a very high speed in to a modernize country.